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Congratulations UAE


The UAE has been very proactive to secure COVID-19 vaccines for its citizens.

This is with reference to the article which stated that Dubai will vaccinate its residents using the Pfizer shots, without any charge (Dec. 23). This is fantastic news. UAE has been very proactive in saving its citizens. It was one of the first countries to offer the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine also. Congratulations to the UAE rulers.  

It is now clear that the world may face a massive shortage of the COVID-19 vaccines in 2021. Vaccinations may go on through 2022 also, unless production is boosted sharply.

Russia has launched its Sputnik jab and China has launched its Sinopharm vaccine. Both these vaccines need global approval and sanction. Sputnik V has not yet completed phase three trials, though emergency use has been sanctioned after phase two trials. However, all the test results are not yet been made public. Whilst the Chinese vaccine Sinopharm has shown 86 per cent effectiveness, basic underlying data on the number of infections has not been made public.

Russia and China should be absolutely transparent and reveal all test results, as companies like Pfizer and Moderna are doing. This will build confidence in their vaccines. If the Sputnik V and Sinopharm trials results are made public and approved by WHO and other regulatory authorities, they will carry global credibility.

The Western pharma companies have supply constraints. The Chinese and Russian vaccines could be life-saving. Developing countries in Asia and Africa desperately need these vaccines. So, if all the test results are submitted for scrutiny to global experts, both the vaccines would enjoy vast markets. This would also generate massive global goodwill for China and Russia.

This is a golden opportunity for President Vladimir Putin and President Xi, to shine themselves and their countries, before the world. They should grasp it.

The world must come together as never before, to fight COVID-19. This disease is the common enemy of all mankind. Every vaccine producer should be absolutely transparent and submit all trial results to the highest scientific and regulatory bodies, to ensure all clearances. Then we can all breathe a bit more easily and reconstruct our lives and this world again.

Rajendra Aneja
Mumbai, India

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