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The year that was

Year 2020

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I sigh. What a year 2020 has been. Reminiscing the events and incidents that took place this year sends shivers down my spine, occasionally.

As we turn the leaf on another decade it’s time for me to bid adios to an unforgettable 2020 and do a bit of rewinding.  COVID 19 was the big news. A year, which saw us cover ourselves with masks and gloves, mixed up in a kaleidoscope of good and bad feelings. The worst of all was the time when we had to sit at home during the lockdown period.  It was a experience though working remotely on our little virtual screens.

Things don t always end up the way you want them to, but I’m looking forward to winding up the year on a positive note. Endings may be messy and revisions difficult. Friends may drift apart and lovers can become strangers. The successes and happiness of today may turn into an atrocious and tragedy of tomorrow. But life goes on.

We may not be able to undo what happened to us but we can choose the way we react to it. We may not know what the future holds but we can treasure the present and not let it slip out of our grasp. What matters is how we rise up again after each fall, how we face the challenges before us refusing to be defeated. Facing our fears daringly and conquering them with our determination, persistence, and resilience is my mantra.

I am thankful also, for the year showed me how I can rise from the ashes. Thank you for preparing me for the next decade. Thank you for giving me hope that the coming year will be better. I am all geared up to welcome 2021.

Mathew Litty

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