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Unsporting behaviour

Table Tennis

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The world of table tennis has been smashed by a few faults — some doubtful betting patterns. With most sports out of action due to COVID including tennis, gamblers looked for other options including even eSports international, but table tennis seemed to be the new betting option and with that came some unusual results. The computer betting data indicated a number of gamblers seemed to win on far more occasions than was statistically likely. In time, a police investigation showed that a retired Australian player had inside information and that some matches were predetermined.

In many ways this is disturbing and rather sad event as most people involved in running or participating in a sport are honest and want to see their sports as being honest as do the supporters in the stadium or watching at home. When Australia cheated in a Test series, they were quickly spotted, punished and removed from the game for an extended time and their punishment was seen as being a good thing. As a person who owned 5% of a racehorse, I was officially a ‘registered person’ and my phone and probably bank accounts could be examined if there was some suspicion. I had no problem with this as it was for the general good of the sport.

It is also sad to see people so desperate to bet that they would bet on anything and then some people would cheat them. Perhaps it might be best to go to a major casino and then you will know why you are losing and if mathematically inclined you will know at what rate.

As a side point, I played table tennis for a decade and was never approached to throw a game. Any game I lost was because of my natural ability, or lack of it. If you have money to throw away look for a charity to give it to. It’s a sure bet that it will be well used.

Dennis Fitzgerald
Melbourne, Australia

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