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Delightful day

UAE National Day

Fireworks light up the sky over the Dubai Shopping Festival venue, marking the 49th UAE National Day. WAM

It is really an honour to be among the United Arab Emirates’ residents celebrating the United Arab Emirates’ 49th National Day (“Residents praise UAE spirit, feel honoured to be a part of it,” Dec. 2, Gulf Today).

In the United Arab Emirates, people from more than 200 countries live together with respect and dignity. Everyone in the United Arab Emirates anxiously waits the whole year for December 2 to celebrate its National Day and express their love and respect for the country.  Celebrating the United Arab Emirates National Day, Dr. Chuloh Jung, Ajman University Innovation Center director/College of Architecture-Art and Design associate professor, South Korean rightly said: “The UAE gave me the fair opportunity to be successful in my academic career which I couldn’t have even with two Harvard University degrees in South Korea.”

I am sure for anyone who wants to be successful like Dr. Chuloh, the United Arab Emirates is the best place to make his or her dreams come true. I would like to congratulate everyone who lives in the United Arab Emirates, specially its visionary leadership who made the land of the United Arab Emirates as a paradise not only for their own people but also for the people around the world.

Amber Stone
By email

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