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Happy holidays

Tourism in the UAE

Spending quality time with friends and family energizes our bodies.

One thing I have already perceived is holidays out here are clubbed with the weekend.

It’s great to some extent as this gives all of us time and opportunity to compose ourselves, work on things we need to fix, spent quality time with our loved ones. Catching up with friends is a little impossible as everyone is now more reserved and paranoid  with the whole pandemic talk.

Now that the temperature is down and the weather is pleasant this is the best time for many of you to head out and spend time enjoying, going for long drives which I plan to do, hop into a shopping mall just to see what’s latest in the fashion world. Of course, one has to keep social distancing and safety measures in mind and do some concocting for the upcoming Christmas which again will be a bit reserved this time.

At the same time, this is to also highlight that many employees are asked to work even during holidays without a day off. What’s more worrying is their concerns and grievances are never heard. It’s time we echo everyone’s sentiment.

For instance, cleaners, taxi drivers, cashiers at shops, security personnel all work day and night. Time to pep up everybody and take a deep breath and give them a break.

Everyone needs a break as each of us contribute to this place and to the company. In this day and age, instead of depending on others why not do things ourselves? This is why in some places you have self-service. I suggest this is implemented everywhere so others can get a nap. If everything here is possible then I am sure even this is possible. There is a very famous saying — “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

Mathew Litty

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