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Accept the verdict

‘Remain in Mexico’ policy puts asylum-seekers’ lives at risk

Donald Trump

I watched the recent President Obama interview and remembered what was and then looked forward to what could be with the new presidency. One minor story amused me, after the completion of his term, President Obama was doing some reading while being driven somewhere and the car stopped.

The reason the car had stopped was because there was a red light and for almost all of the last decade there had been no red lights in his way. He was back to facing some of the parts of life that a normal citizen although still realistically being in a privileged position.

Most ex-presidents have continued to live a public life and kept working in roles and organisations that helped to make the country better. The job is really for life although it is uncertain how President Trump will contribute after his retirement apart from supporting the golfing community especially those playing at his clubs.

What many people fear, especially probably Republicans although they might not admit it, is that he will have a significant role and maybe control of the Republican Party, its nature and direction. The Republican Party needs to lick its wounds and start to look at how they can return to their true nature and ignore the worst of its voices.

Accept the 2020 decision, look to work with the other side especially in regard to the COVID-19 pandemic as so many are dying, and the social and economic environment needs to be helped.

Dennis Fitzgerald
Melboune, Australia

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