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Serving the needy

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The availablity and distribution of COVID-19 vaccine should be transparent.

This refers to the opinion article ‘Disenfranchised should also get the vaccine first’ (14 November).

As the whole world is awaiting an effective remedy to counter the spread of the Coronavirus, there is anxiety among common people about its availability. With countries having different medical norms, the approval process by medical experts will further delay the actual delivery of the vaccine.  

The large numbers of ageing and vulnerable communities in developing countries and countries that lack basic medical infrastructure should be given special considerations when dealing with counter Coronavirus measures.

Even though there are confusing reports about the timeframe of availability of the vaccine, its forthcoming gives a lot of comfort to people who are continuing their struggle for survival, especially the aged community who mostly live in the absence of close families. Medical reports indicate that various laboratories across the world are finalising on a safe vaccine, yet its availability to the masses is a tiring task for medics.

Developed countries must support the backward nations and understand their inability to procure the medicine in large quantities. They might be already facing shortage of medical staff, infrastructure and the scarcity of basic medical support will certainly hamper their expectations for an early return to normal life.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has left the lives of several millions in a limbo mostly because of job losses. Their miseries and psychological trauma cannot go overlooked.  The earlier the vaccine is made available the earlier they can return to normal life.

Ramachandran Nair

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