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Food crisis


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A very nice opinion piece about the World Food Program deserving the Nobel (“The Noble WFP deserves the Nobel,” Oct. 22, Gulf Today).

Food is one of the basic and essential needs that we were taught in school. The other being clothing, shelter, water.

So all the money in the world doesn’t matter to a person who is suffering from hunger. The author thus rightly points out “A recent report that one in nine people still do not have enough to eat should make our leaders, especially signatories to arms deals, review their policies. If they are leaving millions hungry to finance successful wars then they are recycling human grief to win political glory.”

True, what is the use of all the weapons when those weapons aren’t to mitigate the simplest enemy - hunger. And to mitigate hunger the only weapon is food. What empty glory of border victory when deaths due to hunger are preventable? The world has got its priorities all messed up. Humans are messed up. Period.

Abilasha D — By email

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