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Good to read about the wooden houses in Siberia. Anything that’s not the coronavirus is better news. However, the narrative on houses in Siberia isn’t a very pleasant story because the houses are getting deteriorated and the government isn’t doing enough (“Siberia’s treasured wooden houses face uncertain future,” Oct. 14, Gulf Today).

Not doing enough is something that plagues all governments I suppose. There seems to be enough money for environmental destruction and buying weapons for war, but preservation of culture and something that is dear to the people and the land, suffers because of the alleged lack of money.

It’s sad to read that many of the homes have only survived this long because residents “were forced to live in what already existed”, historian Sergei Maltsev, 46, said. The other homes are prey to real estate developers.

I hope the mayor of the Siberian city of Tomsk can save the houses that form the signature of his land.

Joyce D — By email

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