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Not surprising

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Finally, it’s the news I have been searching for. The reported coronavirus cases from China. I have been doing a Google search all these months but while the entire world is under the conquest of the coronavirus and the numbers are rising exponentially, there are no reports from China whatsoever (“China to test 9 million after fresh coronavirus outbreak,” Oct. 12, Gulf Today).

That seems strange considering that this is a very contagious disease and no country is spared. Also, China’s borders are open. So it seems highly implausible that China would have no reported cases all these months.

Well, the other truth is that China is not truthful. They have been messing with the truth and the figures. They have been hiding data from the world. It should not be a surprise that there were no new reported infections all these months. China doesn’t report. China is a liability to the world’s population.

Joyce D — By email

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