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Evils of social media

Social Media

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Social media is a synonym for narcissism. Unless it is used to further one’s business or one’s organisation. Else, it is but putting up one’s pictures and videos in tantalising poses and getting a high from the number of views and likes.

The article says that in these modern times we are connected more than ever. Sure, social media makes the world small. But what kind of connections are we talking about? Looking at pictures of a person and a 30-second video doesn’t sum up their life. Real connections require communication and making memories. If one does that, it ultimately boils down to 5 friends whom you consider your inner circle.

So about women being harassed on social media, well, the images out there border on pornography, many of them. Scantily clad, barely covered essentials. Sure, the feminists will scream, we have the right to wear what we want. True. But being scantily clad to garner likes doesn’t equate with self respect and that is message that is sent across.

Joyce D — By email

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