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Pitiable legacy

Amazon Fire

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A pat on the back to humanity, for another feather in the cap. The Amazon forests will one day be Savannah land. It is imperative, it will happen (“Climate crisis could turn Amazon rainforest into savanna,” Oct. 7, Gulf Today).

Though the Scientists at the Stockholm Resilience Centre say that this fact is a probability if the rainfall levels continue to drop, we can be assured that the self serving world leaders will never pay heed to the warnings of the researchers, thus making the probability a confirmed truth.

While the planet will be better off with the decimation of human beings, the same cannot be said about the loss of forest and the other creatures that live in them. The planet would have lost these treasures forever. While the west continues to bicker about whose fault it is, and continues to point fingers at Jair Bolsonaro, one must keep in mind that once upon a time large parts of the skyscraper laden US that we see now was wet grasslands rich in ecosystems.

We leave behind a legacy of destruction, in the past and now for the future.

Joyce D — By email

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