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Exemplary Sudan

Sudan Peace Pact

Sudanese officials, rebels and diplomats react after signing the initial agreement on a roadmap for peace talks in Juba, South Sudan. Reuters

Time and again the countries of the world that are termed as third world and underdeveloped, have proven that their thinking is more progressive than ‘developed’ countries (“A landmark Sudan pact will foster peace,” Oct 4, Gulf Today)

Case in question is Sudan. It’s been a long long time since the word peace in the global sense made its way to news pages. Pages are forever filled with war, Syrian war among civilians, America’s war on Iraq, India’s war on its own citizens, China’s war against dissent. And all the countries are amassing weapons like they have forgotten they live on the same planet.   Sudan has shown the way.  In signing a peace deal that truly shows maturity, because it seems that a consensus has been reached without imposing the wants of a single one party on the others.

In granting self-rule for the southern provinces of Blue Nile, South Kordofan and West Kordofan. Rebel forces would be integrated into Sudan’s armed forces, it is shown that Sudan is more mature and progressive than the other countries that are believed to be progressive.

Joyce D
By email

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