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UAE, a blissed-out haven for all

UAE Youth

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There is something very unique about the United Arab Emirates. It has a magnetic appeal that few countries can match, that holds its residents in thrall. Words fail to express the ineluctable charm of this Middle Eastern nation.

It’s very noteworthy that expatriates, once they flock to this place to ensure a better future for themselves and their families, are very reluctant to leave it.

For Arab youth in particular, the attraction is very strong – and indelible. For the ninth year in a row, in the 12th Annual ASDA’A BCW Arab Youth Survey, the youngsters from this region have voted for the UAE as the ‘Model Nation’ for their country to emulate.

There is one unique point that needs to be highlighted: they have rated the UAE above America and Britain as their country of choice.

The UAE was selected by youth in 17 Arab states as the best place to live in.

And rightly so. The nation has incredible safety and security, decent wage packages, a wide range of work opportunities, a growing economy and a good place to raise a family.

The nation is a comity of nations, so to speak: with over 200 nationalities living here, it presents a rare multiracial, diverse mix of people who are tolerant of other cultures. There are no xenophobic or racist attacks that happen in the West; no crimes against women which happen in South Asia; no sectarian violence that occur in other parts of the Middle East. It is a bedrock of peace and calm, a blissed-out haven.

Underlining the strong reputation of the UAE across the Arab world, a vast majority (89 per cent) of Arab youth see it as an ally of their country, in addition to being regarded as one of the top three rising powers that have most increased their influence in the Arab world, alongside Saudi Arabia and the United States of America.

Special praise has come in for the UAE’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic. The survey respondents gave full marks to the UAE for the way it fought the scourge of the virus, specially by taking full-frontal measures to keep casualties low.

A full 100 per cent of Emirati youth approved of the way their government was handling the COVID-19 outbreak.

There is another point that needs to be underlined. While nearly half of young Arabs across the region said they considered leaving their country, frustrated with a lack of opportunities and corrupt governance in their countries, an overwhelming majority of young Emiratis said they never considered leaving their nation.

Ninety-eight per cent stated that they are more proud to be a citizen of the country than before the pandemic.

No country in the world offers the kind of pleasure that walking on a street here entails, any time of the day or night. Physical security is a given, and that speaks volumes for the safety of this place, which all the more heightens its prestige. There are no random knife attacks or protests that can scupper any notions of tranquility and peace of mind.

The survey polled 4,000 young Arab nationals aged 18 to 24 from 17 Arab states in the Middle East and North Africa with a 50:50 male-female split.

As Sunil John, President, Middle East of BCW and Founder of ASDA’A BCW, points out: “For years, the UAE has served as a beacon of hope in the region. The unique model of the nation, celebrating social, religious and cultural pluralism, continues to gain the admiration of young Arabs, who see the UAE as the top nation in the world, over Western and Eastern counterparts, to live in and emulate. This is a powerful statement on the positivity and progressive outlook of the UAE leadership and people.”

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