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Lockdown fatigue

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Yes there is coronavirus and lockdown fatigue (“Coronavirus fatigue is near — the public may eventually rebel against government curbs,” Oct. 4, Gulf Today).

It’s the outcome of the resistance to adjust to something different from the old normal. Restrictions in every which place, and in every moment, after so many months would cause fatigue. The world is like one big prison. People are confined. To their minds. To their homes. To their bitter halves.

It is a situation that cannot be blamed on humans, if they would choose to violate it. In prison, there are bars to prevent prisoners from escaping. Thus there are several reports of prisoners going mad from the captivity. In real life, there are no bars to stop the people from moving about. The bars are the lockdown rules and the fear of contracting the virus.

When people cannot stand these bars anymore, they will break loose. There are no physical bars to stop them. Like the article says, following lockdown rules is about people consenting to follow them.

Jaysheela N — By email

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