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A gem of an example

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Ruth Bader Ginsburg is seen during a group portrait session for the new full court at the Supreme Court in Washington. File/Reuters

Much has been said about Justice Ginsburg. From the various opinion pieces on her, she seemed as close to a modern ideal as anyone could get. She credits her husband for the successful position she was in. His never-ending love and support helped her to blossom and grow. In a world of today where women are spitting fire at men, sometimes unnecessarily so and sometimes wrongly, it seemed so right that she said what she said.

But that aside, she was a woman of grit. She wasn’t called the notorious RGB for nothing. She stood up for the right things. And she used her power for the right things. Unlike many others, to whose head the power gets into.

And the manic that he is, president Trump is seeking to  fill in the place left behind by justice  Ginsburg so that he can have leverage. Power in the wrong hands is a very very grave thing. It has changed the world. Many times the change has been very bad for the whole world. I shall refrain from naming some of the current leaders who fall in that category. The writing is on the wall.

Abilasha D — By email

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