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Of Covid and students


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The onset of the pandemic has brought about a shift from the physical classrooms to what we now call ‘virtual learning’.

Today, students are in this constant ‘rat race’ of being the best as there is an increased amount of pressure on the students. The workload on students has now become much more than ever before. In such a case, it becomes important for the students to indulge in leisure time activities so as to free themselves from academic pressure. This will also help in enhancing the personality of the students.

The need of the hour today is to believe in the concept of ‘talking it out’. Parents and therapists play a significant role in this. The end of the pandemic is unpredictable. Hence, the student community must make sure to give equal importance to both academic and co-curricular activities. A balance must be brought about between the two.

Rishab Shaju — Ras Al Khaimah

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