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Action needed


Imran Khan. File

Imran Khan is not only the founder of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf, which means “Pakistan Movement for Justice” but also a prime minister, that means leader of a State. It is time for Imran Khan to do reforms and implement them in true spirit (“Gang-rape case prompts Pakistan PM Imran Khan to call for chemical castration or hanging publicly,” Sept. 15, Gulf Today website).

The ongoing democratic system in Pakistan has completely failed. Nobody has fear of the law. Lawlessness is high in the country. Every government department has become completely corrupt.

Pakistan police has a slogan like “Police Ka Hey Farz Madad Aap Ki,” means (It’s Police’s Prime Duty to Help You) but because of total corruption in the department, people don’t trust their own police.

The judiciary system has been outdated. There is clear discrimination when it comes to justice for rich people and for poor people.

In Pakistan, corrupt politicians ruled and looted the country for more than four decades, now the corrupt system is protecting them, because those corrupt people were the architects of the present system in Pakistan.  Enough is enough, Imran Khan has to change the corrupt system if he wants to stay in power otherwise the people of Pakistan will not spare him as well. They will not allow Imran to rule the country for sure.

Toufail Ahmed — By email


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