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UAE surges ahead in coronavirus battle


The UAE has successfully managed to stem the spread of COVID-19 and nearly gag the marauder.

That the UAE should adopt a National Policy on Vaccinations is highly commendable. At a time when the coronavirus seems to be spiralling in other nations, the Emirates has successfully managed to stem the spread and nearly gag the marauder.

Its National Policy on Vaccinations is therefore timely. It is a multi-sectoral national framework for combating communicable diseases and reducing their risks to individuals and society. The Policy will act as a co-ordination framework for all parties involved in the immunisation field, in order to support the health system in the country and enhance the efficiency of provided services and keep the process going.

It also aims to bring together the non-governmental sector and community members to support the UAE from communicable diseases by promoting a healthy lifestyle and ensure the delivery of the best quality of vaccination services and preventive care nationwide.

The Policy also aims to enhance the country’s position as a regional and international healthcare hub, in light of its development of a comprehensive and sustainable health system, and through ensuring the provision of the best quality immunisation services in compliance with international safety practices.

The UAE leads the world in total medical tests compared to the population, thanks to the wise leadership’s follow-up and keenness on expanding the scope of daily COVID-19 tests.

More than 7.5 million tests were conducted by the UAE health authorities since the outbreak of COVID-19, Dr. Omer Al Hammadi, official spokesman for the media briefing, said on Tuesday. As many as 71,334 additional tests were conducted on Tuesday, which resulted in the detection of 644 new COVID-19 cases. The new patients were isolated immediately and were given the necessary healthcare. This brings to 75,098 the total number of cases including those who are still receiving medical treatment, recovered patients and deaths.

The total number of recovered patients is 66,943, including 410 new recoveries on Tuesday.

Since the first day of the pandemic up till now, the first line of defence achieved a unique accomplishment that rendered the UAE an exemplary model in dealing with COVID-19. The UAE managed to register a high recovery rate that stood at 90 per cent and a death rate of no more than 0.5 per cent, which was the lowest worldwide. This was in response to a question from the media about the reason behind the recent high recovery cases to over 2,500 cases in a day.

The high recovery rate from the disease compared to the number of infections was attributed to the modern and innovative treatment methods, the expanded scope of tests, the availability of enough medical staff and medical requirements, the raised capacity to receive cases, and the availability of strategic stock of medicines. Many countries in the world are witnessing fluctuations in the number of infections and some countries have succeeded in maintaining a low level of infections but have not witnessed a new wave of infections, the official added.

All health institutions in the country were prepared for all challenges and with maximum readiness. “We are in an advanced stage of developing a vaccine and medical treatment, and when it is successful, it will contribute significantly to reducing the spread of the virus.”

Already the UAE has created a record in registering the largest number of volunteers ever for a vaccine trial.

The first Phase III trials of an inactivated vaccine for COVID-19 in the UAE are among the largest in the world in volunteer recruitment having reached 31,000 vaccinated volunteers from more than 120 nationalities in only six weeks.

As the trials move forward thousands of volunteers have already received their second shot of the vaccine and will continue to undergo regular monitoring and health checks, with full ongoing support provided by the health services to ensure their wellbeing. Effort must be on, which it is, in every conceivable way.

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