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It’s a new era


Andrea Joy Cook

Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

Whilst we have all been spending extra time at home, even if things are returning to normal, it’s the magical world of television we escape to while cooped up. This week we are taking a look at how popular apps are drawing in whole new leagues of younger fans for older television shows.

The show “Criminal Minds” has been going since 2005 and after 15 seasons recently concluded. The crime drama about a group of criminal profilers working for the FBI has recently began making appearances on apps the likes of TikTok (which the whole world is obsessed with right now). The videos and memes made mostly by teens have pulled in a whole new generation of young fans who have begun to love and watch the 15-year-old show.

One of the first TikTok videos of the show to go big was made by an 18-year-old who noticed a funny moment where actor Matthew Gray Gubler breaks character in one of the episodes. The video has clocked more than 814,000 since it was posted and the teen has focused her account on “Criminal Minds” content.

The fanbase has grown so huge that videos tagged with the hashtag #criminalminds have been viewed over 1.5 billion times on the app. That’s not a joke! Some critics do not think this is a one off either. They believe that this will be television’s social future as well as how a fanbase will be expanded for a series.

In other news this week, turn to our Fitness pages where we talk about age being no barrier to exercise. It does not matter what age you are, if you want to exercise you can, unless advised by a doctor not to. There are high and low levels of activity that people can choose from.

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