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The best romcoms


Sarah Taryam, Arts Editor

Who doesn’t love a good romantic comedy or two? Even you men out there secretly enjoy watching one from time to time. This week we are looking at some of the best romantic comedies to have hit the big screen and to have stood the test of time with popularity.

“The Wedding Singer,” which came out in 1998, is one of my favourite movies ever. Hollywood sweetheart Drew Barrymore stars alongside Adam Sandler and their chemistry is palpable. Many other guest appearances in the movie make it even more fun to watch. If you haven’t seen it, don’t miss it. The singing is so funny.

A romcom which leans more towards the dramatic side is “I Give It a Year.” In fact it has been described as the perfect anti-romcom, but it is still a romcom, if you get what I mean. Starring Rose Byrne and Anna Faris, the movie is witty and very British with its comedic sense. It came out in 2013 but is still on par with a good 90s flick in my opinion.

Speaking of the 90s, take another trip back there (I’m telling you that decade was the best for movies) and watch “One Fine Day” which came out in 1996. Two single parents are pushed together after their children miss a class trip. Who are those parents you ask? Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney, need I say more? Pure romcom gold.

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