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When we were in Rome, we visited the Coliseum, still standing after almost 2,000 years, a traditional highlight of Rome. We also indulged in another long-standing Italian tradition, that of wine with most meals and appreciated the wisdom of the Italians.

The COVID-19 virus has meant that in my city, Melbourne, alcohol venues are closed, and coffee is often served through a window but in Rome the windows are supplying wine, an option that may appeal to more people. These wine windows, “buchette del vino,” are a historical feature from the days of the Black Plague when social distancing was also recommended.

Although the current pandemic seems horrific and the number of deaths is tragic, there are approaches that can help to protect us and slow or eventually hopefully stop the spread of the virus. The solution starts at home, stay home and meet your friends with happiness, but by Zoom and if you do need to go out, be the superhero and wear your mask.

Let us look forward to a better time when Italians say we can “Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto” or “Eat well, laugh often, love much.”

Dennis Fitzgerald — Melbourne, Australia

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