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Painful incident


The photo has been used for illustrative purposes.

The last three consecutive years, Kerala has been hit by natural calamities during the monsoon season, and this year the plane crash in Calicut airport added further distress to the people.

Since watching the live update on the television on Friday late evening showing a plane skipping the runway in Calicut, and seeing the images a day later realised it has been such a tragic day for the state in the recent past.

The accident was extremely painful to the already suffering people, as the state has been witnessing increasing positive coronavirus cases in the past few weeks despite all efforts to contain its spread.

Meanwhile, it was fortunate that the aircraft did not catch fire after skidding off the runway and breaking into pieces. Along with the captains who have made their efforts to avoid a major disaster, the timely assistance extended by the local community to rescue the injured amid COVID-19 pandemic is commendable. They all are the true heroes and deserve appreciation.

Ramachandran Nair — By email


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