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Gender equality


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Yawn. The issue of male and female equality spans generations. That it has percolated online is no surprise. Migration happens (“Online abuse against women is harmful as ever,” Aug.6, Gulf Today).

Online is a virtual land in itself, a continent perhaps. Such as Europe. As much as you cannot do much about racism in Europe and America and the caste system in India, you can’t do much about women being belittled online. It’s but a continuation of what takes place in the real world.

Though the article focuses entirely on online abuse, one must understand that the people who are involved with it, carry the same prejudices in real life. So tackling the situation in real life holds the solution. Or does it? Perhaps the issue of gender equality and female gender abuse will never end. Similar to how a lion will never become a vegetarian. Not the greatest of similies, but that is the point.

There needs to be a change in mindset. And the ability to cultivate virtues. Rebuke is cowardice and when it prowls online, it’s cowardice on steroids.

Farol Dias — By email

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