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Boost to family life

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Children are the most affected in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. They have been forced to postpone all their external activities, particularly group play. It is also a torture for those who are in kindergarten as they are stuck indoors instead of being out with other children. They should have been running, jumping and engaging actively with their friends and schoolmates.  But this has been put on hold, for no fault of theirs.

While it is a good learning process for both, parents and children, to realise how life changes and what it feels like to remain locked indoors, interestingly this ongoing scenario has also come as a great relief to working parents who were earlier unable to spend time with their children. Now those who are following the ‘work from home’ concept are able to do so.  Now they can have breakfast, lunch and dinner together, bringing a new dimension to their family life.

In some homes children are put to bed early, so they don’t get the opportunity to see their parents who at times return home late. Some hardly see their parents during the week, particularly their fathers who go to work early in the morning and return late in the night. This change will, for sure, make for a healthy home environment for families across the world.  

Some stories which are being published these days highlight the positive side of complete family ambience which is now becoming a new normal. It’s time children enjoy more time with their parents indoors while being safe. An occasional outdoor visit is also helpful but should be done by respecting the concept of social distancing.  

Ramachandran Nair — Muscat

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