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Pakistan has lost millions of precious lives fighting against terrorism for the last four decades. There is no doubt that Pakistan is the only country in the world that has won the war against terrorism after paying a huge price (“Counterterrorism police kill 5 militants in eastern Pakistan,” July 31, Gulf Today website).

Pakistan was the victim of terrorism, many terrorists groups were operating within the country, hundreds of people were dying every day because of bomb explosions and terrorist attacks in every part of Pakistan.

I would like to salute the people of Pakistan, Pakistan Army and ISI that fought together against the domestic and international enemies of Pakistan and brought peace and stability in the country. Now, Pakistan is a peaceful and safe country not only for Pakistanis but also for people all over the world. Pakistan is now open for tourism. The United States’ travel magazine, Conde Nast, one of the world’s best travel portals, listed Pakistan as the top tourist destination for the year 2020. The journey from terrorism to a tourist country was not an easy task. The brave armed forces and people of Pakistan made it possible with their undefeated resolve.

The war against terrorism is still not over. Pakistan has to fight against terrorism till it eradicates terrorism completely once and for all.

There are still sleeper cells of terrorist groups who want to sabotage peace and prosperity in the country, with some terrorist incidents they want to undo the success of Pakistan’s war against terrorism. Counterterrorism police acting on intelligence raided a suspected militant hideout in a remote town in eastern Pakistan early on Friday, triggering a shootout that killed five members of a separatist group, a spokesman said.

It is a new Pakistan, a strong Pakistan. I am sure in the coming days Pakistan will be a completely peaceful country and on the path to ultimate prosperity.

Shamshuddin – By email

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