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Be health-conscious


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The rise in obesity cases in UAE is alarming. And I would not just blame the children. Even elders are guilty of ignoring health concerns. And when parents are not vigilant and cautious how do you expect children to be healthy and fit?

Our monotonous lifestyle is taking a toll and I do not know what is going to happen if we continue doing so. Hospitals and clinics are filled with patients with health issues especially now that we are still faced with the pandemic. It’s your health and it’s you who needs to work on it. No one else is going to lift you up unless you are lucky enough to have someone always by your side to pull and push you on.

Lifestyle management plays a significant role and it’s the parent’s responsibility how they plan to do so with their children. I have observed on many occasions parents don’t take the trouble to cook wholesome food. When they reach home they prefer to order junk food and later their children follow. It is a killer habit.

Now that schools are shut children have the opportunity to get healthy, but a little guidance is required from the parents. Summer is the best time to get some adrenalin racing. It’s never too late to start exercising and eating healthy food.

Mathew Litty — Dubai, UAE

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