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Not too late

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True. Trump is what America deserves. That holds true for all other countries as well. Modi is what India deserves. Xinping is what China deserves. Boris is what the UK deserves. We are what we elect. And judging by the people we have elected, it’s time for some retrospection, especially if we don’t like our own elected representatives (Trump is the president American people deserve, July 5, Gulf Today).

It’s not a surprise that Americans are arrogant and think no end of themselves. The mindset in America is such. The 20 and 30 year olds that the journalist interviewed weren’t born yesterday. It took 30 years to make them that way. Therefore blaming Trump entirely for the manner in which Americans conduct themselves is utterly wrong. Blame the presidents of the last many decades.

As for his absence of a reprimand for Moscow, well, at least he is being honest about not wanting to reprimand them. How many classified secrets does the US have that involved directly or indirectly the previous presidents? The poisoning in flint? The atrocities in Iraq? The lifting of a visa ban for certain criminals?

When your own reflection stares at you in the form of your president, you become uneasy. But it’s not too late.

Joyce D — By email

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