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After the closure of mosques in the UAE due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wednesday, July 1, 2020 was like an Eid day for Muslims. People returned to the mosques for prayers all over the United Arab Emirates after more than 100 days (“Worshippers gather at mosques for prayers across UAE with strict guidelines,” July 1, Gulf Today).

Hats off to the authorities that worked hard day and night to make it possible to reopen the mosques. Authorities had closed the mosques to prevent spreading of the coronavirus among people. Government’s top priority is to save people’s lives.

NCEMA spokesperson Dr Saif Al Dhaheri said: “As a continuation of the precautionary measures, mosques will not be open for Friday prayers. Also, certain mosques located in industrial areas, labour residential areas, shopping malls and public parks will remain closed until further notice.”

The authorities said, “Negligence and recklessness of individuals will jeopardise the efforts of the first line of defence and the efforts of institutions who have worked tirelessly to protect the health and safety of the nation.”

Now it is purely people’s responsibility to follow all the guidelines provided by the government and fulfil their religious activities.  I hope that people will pay attention to the precautionary measures provided by the government and show social responsibility through their actions.

Qasim Jalali — By email



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