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Still not fair


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In the report, only three actors names are cited, those who applaud the removal of the word fair from Unilever’s Fair and Lovely (“Bollywood celebs laud cosmetic company for dropping ‘Fair’ from skin lightening products,” June 27, Gulf Today).

What about the others? The other actors in India who took to social media to support the black lives matter movement in the US miles and seas away from India, are silent about the brown lives in their own country. Such hypocrisy.

The reason they are quite is because many of them are part or have been part of ads that endorse fairness. Perhaps fairness is not only in the ads they endorse, but also forms their personal belief systems as well.

The actress Bipasha rightly wrote in her insta post. The first adjective to describe her is dusky. Why so? Because even today, even after Unilever changes the name of its product, Indian mentality will remain in the rut of fairness.

Joyce D — By email

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