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Sushant Singh Rajput

The tragic suicide by upcoming Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput has once again put spotlight on mental health (“Sushant Singh’s death nudges Sushmita Sen to talk about the importance of mental health, depression,” June 18, Gulf Today).

The reasons are varied, but the end result is the same. Suicides are mounting in India. Poor mental health is today proving to be deadlier than poor physical health, especially among the youngster and the middle-aged. Hungry people are easy to spot and can be treated to a meal. But how does one spot a person who is harbouring ill-thoughts and suicidal tendencies?

I have read multiple reports on Rajput’s death but none have shed light on his mental makeup. In all probabilities no one knew of it. It’s convenient to shift blame, like in this case, on the film industry. Its insular character, clannish culture, etc, etc. That may be true. But we have lost a life not only because of the fallout of the outside world, but also because of the internal makeup of the person.  In today’s materialistic and cut-throat competitive world, it is hard to spot a suffering soul. Because, very few are facing the world without a mask. I don’t mean the mask made mandatory because of the coronavirus, but the mask under which we hide our inner-most thoughts. I wish more of us understood, or are made to understand the importance of good mental health.

Of course tragedies such as these are eye-openers but to the general public, particularly in India, suicide is considered a cowardly act. The victim is generally accused of being self-centered, not taking into consideration the effect the act will have on the immediate family members and friends.  Nothing could be further than the truth. Probably the victim has had no family to go to. No one who would really understand. Everyone is wearing a mask. Now out of compulsion.

Carmen R — By email

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