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Deadly attack


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The war should come to an end in Afghanistan. Innocent people of Afghanistan have suffered a lot, millions have lost their lives. Every life is precious (“Taliban attack kills 12 Afghan security personnel at northern checkpoint,” June 17, Gulf Today website).

People of Afghanistan are desperately waiting for peace and stability in the country. All stakeholders in Afghanistan should honour the peace deal signed by both the parties — the United States and the Afghan Taliban — in February 2020.

The war in Afghanistan is still going on despite the peace deal between the United States of America and the Afghan Taliban.

According to the reports, the Afghan Taliban fighters killed at least 12 Afghan security personnel on Wednesday in a pre-dawn raid on a northern checkpoint in Jawezjan province.

It is so important to start talks between the Afghanistan government and the Afghan Taliban to move forward towards peace in Afghanistan.

The latest bloodshed comes as the insurgents and the Afghan government appear to be moving closer towards potential peace negotiations.

The much-delayed talks aimed at ending the conflict are expected to begin once the two sides complete an ongoing prisoner swap accelerated after a brief ceasefire last month. It is the need of the hour that the government of Afghanistan should start negotiations with the Afghan Taliban to resolve all the issues between the Taliban and the Afghanistan government.

Khasta Gul — By email

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