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Stay fit, stay healthy


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Summer is here again, the time when a lot of expatriate families usually pack their bags and fly home to get a little respite.  However, due to the ongoing pandemic, most of us may be forced to stay indoors.

Having said that I feel it’s about time we also get fit. We know obesity is a cause for worry as it poses great health threats, more for people in the developed world. But it’s not too late for those affected. All that we need to focus on is to have a healthy lifestyle, remain fit and active.

Take a walk near your neighbourhood and you will be amazed to see the number of fast food outlets. We have home delivery available, all at a click of a button. Our sedentary lifestyle and comfortable living are the main reasons why we put on unwanted weight. Excessive time spent on our smartphones is also a leading factor. Personally, I love the summers, because I tend to work out a lot and have more intake of natural juices.

Even adults who are overweight don’t think of the consequences it has on their health. We wake up, drive down to work in a hurry and give no time for exercise. The government has set up beautifully parks and now that most of the schools are shut, it should be an opportunity for all of us to make good use of it. Of course adhering to guidelines issued by the health authorities. So, stay fit and healthy.

Mathew Litty — By email

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