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Mosques are the houses of Allah Almighty. Muslims from all over the world get solace while performing namaz and reciting the Holy Book Quran (the words of Allah) at mosques (“Sharjah prepares for mosques’ reopening, intensifies sterilisation,” June 3, Gulf Today website).

The news that Sharjah is preparing for mosques’ reopening and intensifying sterilisation measures brings happiness to every Muslim who lives in Sharjah.

Signboards and posters relating to the prevention guidelines for the coronavirus have been placed in almost all mosques in the emirate under the supervision of the Sharjah Islamic Affairs Department.

We hope the preparations for mosques’ reopening will finalise soon. People who are waiting for mosques to reopen have to follow the instructions laid down by the administration.  The government is taking all necessary steps to provide a healthy environment and making sure that people can offer namaz at mosques and stay safe. The coronavirus pandemic is a deadly virus that has gripped the whole world. Thousands of people have died because of the virus.

It is time for all of us follow the guidelines from the government to save ourselves in difficult times.

Shakeel Afridi – By email  

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