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Danger of plastic

Plastic pollution

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Even as the report about protecting the earth is written, all over the world, the added waste due to coronavirus is causing more destruction to the planet. There have been images on the internet of discarded masks lying all over the streets. While the material of the masks maybe degradable, the elastic bands that hold the mask on are not (“Protecting Earth from further damage is duty of all: Officials,” June 5, Gulf Today).

Then there are the plastic PPE outfits. Sure there are ways of disposing off medical waste but that does not mean that the plastic of the PPE is off the surface of the earth.

Before coronavirus there were terrifying reports about plastic waste in the ocean and how the whales died of eating it. Nobody is talking about the added plastic waste though everyone is talking about the shredded economy. Considering that nothing but the economy is on the minds of the world leaders, broaching the topic of climate change even if for conversation purposes is quite futile.

Abilasha D — By email

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