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Democracy in peril


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The protests in the US show that finally the masses have realised that the power is with them and not with the single man at the centre, even though he holds the highest position in the country. And even though the single man at the centre has cronies, together they cannot outnumber the masses.

The above is true for any country. Especially in democracies, the man at the centre is voted to be at the centre by the people of the said country. However when the man at the centre thinks of himself as next to the Almighty or above as is the case of many dictatorial leaders, intimidation begins. And when intimidation and fear are used on citizens, there is no bigger weapon. Amnesia sets in; the citizens forget that the power isn’t with the man at the centre but with them.

The US has shown that power means the ability to rise above the fear that the man at the centre spews. I hope that all authoritarian leaders take note of this because many of them have forgotten that they are but humans, and power lies with the masses.

Joyce D — By email

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