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Much needed relief


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I salute the authorities for giving the construction workers a midday break which has been the norm in the UAE since the last few years (“Midday break for workers begins from June 15,” June 3, Gulf Today).

This is certainly good news and should result in a significant step forward in improving the conditions for all the workers in the UAE especially construction labourers, who are among the most poorly compensated with respect to their level of service and extent of their contribution to society. If they were not here many of us would not have enjoyed the flashy luxurious life out here.

Whilst some of us are blessed with the abundant luxuries, there are many who are struggling to make both ends meet. Maybe some of them don’t even get allowances but a meager salary. And just like us, they have families back home who they need to support and look after. Try to reckon the hard world they are living in.

Mathew Litty — By email

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