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Lockdown strategy


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As the coronavirus-testing capacity is increasing in Pakistan many new cases of COVID-19 are emerging on a daily basis (“No immediate plan to go for stricter lockdown: Minister,” May 29, Gulf Today).

The world is divided between rich countries and poor nations. In COVID-19 pandemic times, it is so difficult for countries like Pakistan struggling with their economy, keeping people in lockdown inside their houses and trying to provide them food.

People need to go out and work for their living. If the strict lockdown continues in the world, there is a chance more people will die of hunger than the COVID-19 disease. Governments around the world should adopt the strategy of a smart lockdown instead of a complete lockdown.

I would like to appreciate the statement released by the government of Pakistan that it has no immediate plan to go for a stricter lockdown, despite thousands of new COVID-19 cases and deaths, it was reported.  Speaking to Dawn news on Thursday, Information Minister Shibli Faraz said that although there were reports from some big metropolitan cities about pressure on certain hospitals due to an increase in the number of COVID-19 patients, the overall situation and conditions in hospitals was “satisfactory”.

It is also appreciable that the Government of Pakistan announced it will use smart technology to track the coronavirus patients and will make sure that such patients will get the best treatment.

The government should take necessary steps to further relax the lockdown so that people can go to work, but the residents should follow the strict guidelines provided by the government.

People have to learn how to live with the coronavirus till the time a vaccine is introduced.

I am sure the scientists and doctors are working hard day and night and will not leave any stone unturned to produce a medicine for the coronavirus disease.

Salman Khawaja — By email

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