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Following the rules will be best Eid gift


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Global infections from the novel coronavirus passed five million on Thursday, continuing to leave the world on tenterhooks. The grim milestone comes after known cases of COVID-19 doubled in just one month.

The UAE authorities are doing their best to tackle the situation and members of the public need to do their part equally sincerely. Every individual has a role to play.

Major measures have been initiated by the authorities aimed at encouraging people to stay home so as to stay safe – for themselves as well as others.

As Dr Saif Juma Al Dhaheri, Spokesman of the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority (NCEMA) points out, since the onset of the crisis, the majority of UAE society has been living up to responsibility, setting an honourable example of compliance with preventive measures and collaboration with the government in implementing all measures required.

This cooperation on the part of citizens and residents needs to persist during the Eid holiday.

However, it is disappointing to note that there are some violations perpetrated by some who fail to comply with the decision to ban congregations and to abide by quarantine measures.

These violations are committed by a limited number of individuals who the authorities have been requesting to abide by all measures put in place.

It is incumbent on everyone to abide by the COVID-19 countermeasures during Eid, as any violations will have an adverse effect on the entire society.

Everything is being done to help and protect the residents.

Al Dhaheri has also made it clear that the decision to keep malls open for certain hours during Eid came after ensuring they have applied all preventive measures, including working at 30 % capacity, enforcing a two-metre safety distance, and prohibiting the entry of people over 60 years of age and children below 12; in addition to restricting the shopping trip for any person to a maximum of two hours.

As per Abdurrahman Al Shamsi, spokesman for Awqaf, due to the current exceptional circumstances, the Fatwa Council of the United Arab Emirates has decided that Eid prayers will be performed at home to ensure safety, and mosques across the country will remain closed.

All mosques will declare Takbeerat Al Aid (Eid chants) through their microphones 10 minutes prior to the prayer.

The Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities Department in Dubai, IACAD, has also announced that Eid Takbeer will be broadcast through various mosques in Dubai on the morning of Eid Al Fitr.

The broadcast during the current time will help revive the Sunnah and the community’s link with the mosques.

Broadcasting the Takbeer will lift the community’s spirits amidst the current circumstances, as Mohamed Ali Bin Zayed Al Falasi, Executive Director of the Mosques Affairs Sector, points out.

It is also heartening to note that the UAE is now among the top countries in terms of COVID-19 screenings per capita.

People should heed suggestions by the authorities to avoid crowded places and follow preventive measures while using swimming pools, including safety distance and avoiding sharing tools, like towels, chairs, seats.

As well stated by Dr Farida Al Hosani, the Spokesperson for the UAE Health Sector, the best Eidayha we can give to our beloved ones is to protect them by ensuring safe physical distance, wearing masks, and washing hands with water and soap constantly.

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