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Prayer to end coronavirus a marvellous initiative


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While it is tiring to read about the coronavirus every single day, it’s quite heartening to read about the Pray for Humanity initiative by the The Higher Committee for Human Fraternity Royals, presidents, ministers, religious leaders and common people around the world came virtually together and prayed for an end to coronavirus pandemic.

The virus shows that nothing short of a miracle can stop it. And it is a lesson for humans who have come to believe in their supremacy over other creatures. So if the lesson isn’t learnt, praying for the virus to end is quite a futile attempt

Instead prayers should be said for the corrupt to change their mindset. The world’s incumbent leaders also need prayers so that they can fight for equality and universal healthcare instead of creating divisions and fueling disharmony on the basis of caste religion ethnicity etc

And the biggest lesson of course is to do away with wars and weapons because they don’t serve any good. The virus shows that an invisible organism is more powerful than all the weapons of the world

Joyce D
By email

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