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Elderly need attention


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The health, spirits and morale of the elderly in the current COVID-19 crisis needs distinct attention. Most countries have issued advisories that elders above the age of 60 or 65 should just stay indoors.

However, many of these senior citizens stay alone. The need help for domestic chores, shopping and cooking. Many apartment blocks have closed/restricted the entry of part=time maids. So, these elderly citizens are unable to clean their apartments or get their meals regularly. They need some assistance. Moreover, being alone, they also get more dispirited and lonely.

It is indeed sad that around 74 per cent of the deaths due to coronavirus have been amongst patients above the age of 60 years. Perhaps some of these elders had other problems like diabetes, blood pressure, etc. Nevertheless, there have also been reports that in Europe many elders in home-care agencies could not be looked after well enough, due to shortage of staff and equipment.

During distress situations, we are obliged to look after our elders, before looking after ourselves. A society that does not care for its elders, does not have the right values. In many developing countries, old-age homes are conspicuous by their absence. This is the time for governments to review how many elderly care homes are required in a country and build them, with adequate open space, where the elderly can walk and get some fresh air.

The elderly too, have contributed to building our countries and this world, in their younger years, when they had more stamina or energy. Now, that they need help, we cannot turn our back towards them.

Rajendra Aneja — Mumbai, India

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