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Praiseworthy mission


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The arrival of the special medical delegation from India, in the UAE to help the fight against COVID-19, is praiseworthy.

The move proves that the world needs to get into action collectively to contain the spread of virus.  As the situation becomes critical, with no clear indication on how to control the danger, the exchange of medical expertise will surely contribute in making sure that remedial measures reach the community easily.  It helps both the UAE and India to learn from each other and to study the complexity of the situation.  The tireless efforts of doctors and paramedical staff across the world in taking care of their patients affected by coronavirus is something the current generation has never seen before, and it is a lesson in the importance of keeping personal and environmental hygiene.

Meanwhile, it is also a time for the world to realise the importance of keeping good bilateral relationship between countries. Such partnerships help in the time of crisis, such as the one the world is facing today. All this will help in formulating a more effective strategy for fighting COVID-19.

Ramachandran Nair — Muscat

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