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Dark days ahead


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Chilling accounts of migrant workers collapsing by the wayside, due to hunger and fatigue enroute home, is something a rising India cannot be condoned. The sight of impoverished women carrying children in their arms and fathers walking with their kids on their shoulders should have stirred the soul of the nation. The sight of young men dying out of exhaustion before they reach their destination should have thumped at the consciousness of our leaders in power. But no, it has not.

The hearts are hardened and the ears are hard of hearing. The vision is distorted by the bright glare of political power. Make in India, can’t be this. The vision of a $3 billion economy can’t be achieved by the death of our workers.  

The pandemic has bared the ugly truth. The poor and the marginalised will continue to bear the brunt. The long road home is but a reminder of the days ahead. Pray my India survives the impending doom.

Ved R — By email

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