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Only the beginning

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Sorry isn’t sufficient. Remorse is what is needed and positive action to spring from this remorse. Sure humans are the dartboard of COVID-19, but why shouldn’t they be? Haven’t humans made dartboards of other creatures and the environment? As recklessly as the virus is claiming human hosts, humans have hacked recklessly at nature.

Sure we cry but those are crocodile tears. If those tears were real, we’d be beating our chests in shame. But selfish that we are, we are searching for a vaccine to combat the virus and when we have it, we shall crow in delight, at the pseudo victory.

Alas, that victory will not be long lived. Because, the creator shows that this virus is but a trailer. Climate change, global warming, rising sea levels, unlivable heat, and for these we will not have a vaccine. The vaccine is now — change your ways you imbecile human and compel your leaders to do the same.

Byron M — By email

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