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The new reality


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The thing about life after lockdown is passé because 100 years ago people have been through this. And we have also had WW1 and WW2 and before we know it, our old normal will be our new normal and we will have forgotten the pandemic and double our efforts to revive our economic losses (“Corona crisis will be a game changer for humanity,” May 3, Gulf Today).

The article is quite confusing though because all the governments are in the dark about the way forward. The Spanish flu had a second and third wave and those proved more fatal than the first because people and governments let their guard down.

So perhaps it’s a slow burn and lifting the lockdown gradually is paving the way for that. Capitalism shows that the rich matter. And the economy matters. Survival of the luckiest and well heeled is the way forward. And of course the kingdom of the great leaders like Trump, Boris, Bolsnaro, etc, etc.

Rashmi D — By email

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