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Political humour

Xi Jingpin

Xi Jinping.

The article about legal action against China is a huge joke. Within the article, the fact is that such litigations have no value and as the Chinese government has said in an earlier one on the south Chiba sea, that it’s only on paper (“Could China face legal action over coronavirus crisis?,” May 1, Gulf Today).

And there’s the infighting. Because none of the countries that would be filing the litigation have clean records either. As is rightly said, as Brexit drew near, the parties that be, visited China for establishing trade.

So if the countries of the world want to punish China, they must cut economic ties with China. There cannot be a greater punishment. As for the question about replacement of the manufacturing facilities, there are several countries that would welcome the business, such as Vietnam, India, Bangladesh and the African countries.

So putting litigations in international court is a joke that the countries are playing on their citizens.

Abilasha D — By email

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