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Dealing with coronavirus is a global challenge. I appreciate the world for the way they are fighting unitedly. In a most difficult time of COVID-19, Pakistan and people of Pakistan are fortunate because they are blessed with a leader like Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan (“Imran Khan’s Ehsaas Telethon collects,” April 24, Gulf Today).

Imran Khan on Thursday spearheaded a long telethon, televised live on TV channels, to mobilise funds from the people at large to help the deserving persons affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in any way.

As coronavirus COVID-19 — the worst pandemics in the history — spread across the country, and forced the government to take necessary steps that can help poor people before lockdown was declared in some parts of the country, Imran khan promised to do something for poor people that will help them to manage their daily living during the lockdown.

It is first time in the history of Pakistan that the efficient team of Imran Khan worked hard and established ‘Ehsaas Programme’ within days that will make sure to reach out poor people and provide them financial aid during the tough time.

The ‘Ehsaas Programme’ has started distributing cash among needy people through verifying their National Identity Cards.

During the lockdown, poor people who were on daily wages will get Rs12,000 every month from ‘Ehsaas Programme’ initiated by prime minister of Pakistan.

‘Ehsaas Programme’ will initially provide financial aid support to around 12 million families in Pakistan.

Pakistan is a poor country, the government of Pakistan will not be able to continue support its ‘Ehsaas Programme’ so keeping that in mind, Prime Minister Imran Khan has appealed to every Pakistani inside the country or abroad to support the initiative of ‘Ehsaas Programme’ to make it possible continue support for poor people in the country.

I would like to express my sincere respect to Imran Khan because he is a honest person. I am sure people around the world and within country will continue to support Imran Khan’s initiative and send huge amounts of money in Imran Khan’s charity account for sure.

People trust Imran Khan and they know that Imran’s government will not misuse their money like it was happened in previous governments.

Sultan Aslam — By email

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