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Silent onlookers

Kenya animal 1

The photo has been used for illustrative purpose.

The article says that destruction of habitat of wildlife is responsible for transmission of various viruses from animals to humans. But it has failed to mention that the wet markets are fed by invading the forest and capturing wildlife. If that wasn’t bad enough, the captured wildlife is transported in deplorable conditions to the wet markets. And it gets worse still. These scared wildlife are eaten raw (“Habitats’ destruction to blame for spread of virus, says study,” April 9, Gulf Today).

The Chinese are so gross and horrid people.  But that doesn’t mean other nationalities are any better. The world leaders, the UN, the animals “lovers” and animal activists were well aware of these wet markets . If they weren’t aware, surely with SARS they must have been made aware. And yet none stepped up to put a stop to the wet markets.

So while the act of murder of the economy and our loved ones belongs to China, the silent onlookers are equally to blame.

Joyce D — By email

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