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Public should adhere to preventive measures


Dr Farida Al Hosani

The UAE authorities have been doing their best to protect one and all in the country from the deadly COVID-19 pandemic and the extension of the National Disinfection Programme until April 4 is an appropriate step that indicates nothing is left to chance in the fight against coronavirus.

Hundreds of personnel, supervisors and administrative staff from various federal and local government departments are participating in the National Disinfection Programme.

The fact that several regions and utilities have already been sterilised using state-of-the-art technology nationwide over several stages in collaboration with various relevant authorities should instill confidence that every possible step is being taken to ensure public safety.

As Dr Farida Al Hosani, the official spokesperson for the UAE health sector, pointed out, the decision to extend the sterilisation drive until April 5 aims to ensure coverage of the largest possible number of utilities and establishments nationwide.

The concerted efforts and synergy witnessed across the country over the past two days toward the National Disinfection Programme is certainly laudable.

All segments of the society should commit more to staying at home during the sterilisation period in order to ensure more success for the programme.

The UAE health authorities have heeded global calls to mobilise action plans, coordinating with various authorities within the country, and ensuring cross-governmental involvement to control the pandemic.

There is no need for panic or anxiety among residents regarding the availability of hygiene essentials. Dubai Economy officials have clearly affirmed that there are adequate stocks of face masks, gloves and sanitisers at leading supermarkets across the country. Residents, on their part, need to shop responsibly and avoid hoarding of essentials.

In the words of Mohammed Ali Rashed Lootah, CEO of the Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection, CCCP, sector in Dubai Economy: “We express our sincere appreciation for the Lulu Group for their keenness to support the precautionary measures being adopted by the UAE authorities against the COVID-19 pandemic. The prompt action by Lulu Group to provide adequate supplies of hygiene essentials will enhance confidence among the public and help them comply with the prevention guidelines against the pandemic.”

Lulu supermarkets’ efforts to source a daily average of 1.6 million face masks across their 75 branches in the UAE is encouraging.

It is good that retailers in Dubai, especially those supplying basic needs of people, have risen to the occasion and ensured that residents do not face any shortage during this critical time.

Since the onset of the COVID-19, the UAE has been keen to ensure full solidarity and cooperation with all other countries addressing the impact of the virus outbreak.

What increases the importance of international cooperation in confronting this virus is that its negative effects do not stop at only the health aspect, although it is the most dangerous and most painful, but extends to many other aspects as well, the most important of which is the economic aspect.

The pandemic poses a major threat to entire humanity. The worldwide number of officially confirmed fatalities from the novel coronavirus rose to 31,412 on Sunday.

Over 667,090 declared cases have been registered in 183 countries and territories since the epidemic first emerged in China in December. Of these cases, at least 134,700 are now considered recovered.

People themselves have a major role to play and the community should follow and commit to the instructions and procedures of relevant authorities that aim to counter the virus.


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