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COVID-19 lessons


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Scientists and researchers are being pushed hard to find a vaccine for the dreaded coronavirus which is on a deadly rampage. But while we await that there a few things we can and must do. Distancing ourselves from others is one. That may be difficult for some but it pales out when compared with our irrational fear of food and provision shortage.

If the virus has taught humanity a lesson, it is that we must move beyond the me-first attitude, if we are to survive this health calamity. Panic shopping for food items, toilet paper, hand sanitiser or anything that is not perishable shows that we have a long way to go, if we are to survive as a community.

Hoarding out of fear is a grave crime. But we can eradicate that scourge even before the vaccine is out in the market. We need to understand that inorder to survive as a race we need to believe in the goodness of the other. That we and the other will buy only what we need, that we will willingly self-quarantine if we feel unwell, that we will adhere to the medical guidelines. It’s time to learn some lessons.

Ralph R — By email

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